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Bath Salt

Price: 235 CZK
Weight: 0,37 Kg

This proven combination of very effective natural components results in deep body relaxation, skin cleansing and skin softening during a hot water bath. The needles refresh the skin, and the trace elements contained in salt have antibacterial effects and help skin regeneration. The bath salt can also be used before manicure or pedicure.

Proven and refreshing cosmetic for complete
or partial relaxing baths. For partial limb baths.

Effective skin cleaning. Mitigation or elimination of skin rash and other similar use. Nervousness, insomnia and fatigue.

The treatments are described in the annex to this brochure. For further information, refer to the package leaflet.


Ingredients: sodium chloride, picea abies needle
(salt, spruce needles) 

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