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Powder Toothpaste

A unique combination of very effective components for soft tooth cleaning - with a fine whitening effect. It is mainly edible soda that removes stains from tooth enamel. Charcoal dust has been used for tooth-cleaning since ancient times. The unique toothpaste composition means a return to the proven methods of tooth cleaning and protection.

For intensive and safe tooth cleaning. An extraordinarily high-quality product for every-day use. Proven fine whitening effect.

For every-day tooth cleaning. Intensive whitening effect. Suitable for tea and coffee lovers, and smokers.

The treatments are described in the annex to this brochure. For further information, refer to the package leaflet


Ingredients: kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, charcoal powder, ascorbic acid
(kaolin, edible soda, charcoal, citric acid - vitamin C) 

Price: 205 CZK
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