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Carlsbad Herbal tinkture

Price: 236 CZK
Weight: 0,08 Kg

This excellent combination of very effective substances has beneficial refreshing and revitalising effects on skin and subsurface parts of the body. The menthol extract and the essential oils from spruce needles and peppermint oil promote skin cleansing, and have disinfection and healing effects, helping fight acne. This preparation can also be used for inhalation when treating a cold.

Proven mixture for traditional full-body or partial hand massages. For special massages. For local packs and for application on the body.

Acute conditions after sudden strain, or fatigue after long-lasting strain. Fatigue of limbs, muscles, joints and neck. Back problems and headaches.

The treatments are described in the annex to this brochure. For further information, refer to the package leaflet.


Ingredients: denatured alcohol, aqua purificata, menthol, picea abies leaf extract, mentha piperita extract
(fine denatured alcohol, purified water, menthol, spruce needle extract, peppermint extract) 

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